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What is the International Tea Sipper Society?

     In every class I’ve ever taught, every festival where I’ve exhibited and presented lectures and at every book signing, the most frequent comment is, “I never knew there was so much to know about drinking tea!”

I created the International Tea Sippers Society to be a welcome mat and guide to the vast World of Tea!

Join me today for a personal tea adventure.

Founder, Babette Donaldson 

(Video Below)

Sip For Peace - January, 2018


Join our annual Month-of-Tea event for the 31 days of January, 2018. Daily meditations on tea and peace paired with virtual experiences of tea estates and gardens around the world have been designed to encourage all Tea Sippers to create a vision of World Peace.

“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”

Sy Miller & Jill Miller

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Tea Sippers Society Motto

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Tea is More Than A Beverage!

The culture and lifestyle of tea drinking is inspiring all ages to join the adventure.

Discover the World Of Tea

The Tea Community is a global network. Every cup connects us directly to the fields and the people who grow, pick, manufacture and distribute the leaves.

If you’re new to tea, you’ll find that there’s more than you ever dreamed. Both about the beauty of the tea plant and other herbs brewed for tea as well the experience of preparing and sharing teatime.

And, if you’re already a dedicated tea aficionado then you know that you can discover something new every day!

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The Tea Sipper Library

Library includes some complete tea books plus excerpts, articles by industry pros, activities and games, recipes, tips and tricks for entertaining along with templates for fundraising with tea.

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Shop with ITSS Member Businesses

Check the directory of ITSS Business in dozens of categories.

Look for discounts and special offers.

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Calendar of Tea Events

From themed parties in local tearooms to weekend festivals in cities around the world; from tastings of the season’s new harvest to fundraisers where afternoon tea supports everything from arts programs to historic foundations.

Tea educators and business owners can reach out to our Tea Sipper members with opportunities to organize special events for Tea Sippers. Perhaps offering special discounts to members.

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ITSS Newsletters

Regular newsletters keep you up to date on new offers from Tea Business Members and Events in your locale. From small meet-up groups to fabulous tea festivals to international tea travel, you’ll have details at your fingertips with a monthly email update.

Watch for regular contests and prize drawings.

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Share your love of tea

From the field to your cup, the story of Camellia sinensis – the true tea plant – is captivating. The same is true for many of the botanicals we use to brew and flavor beverages.  Many of us loyal devotees, of the leaf and of the lifestyle – would like a community to share our passion for all things Tea.

Check out the possibilities for expanding your personal world of tea.

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What does ITSS offer members?

From Beginning Sippers to Experienced Tea Lovers, Tea Sippers organizes some of the broader experiences of tea drinking and a tea lifestyle. 

Explore The Worldwide Culture of Tea

Tea is often referred to as the drink that changed the world. The worldwide tea culture actually dates back 5000 years. We look around the world and appreciate how much we share with a simple cup of tea. 

Tea Activities For Children . . . Of All Ages!

Arts & crafts, games, stories and party themes.We’re constantly adding new projects that can be used for family teatime activities or to entertain an entire party. 

Tea Tourism - Domestic and International

Traveling around the world to visit tea plantations and rich sources of history can be a fascinating and intimate experience. Join a group led by tea professionals and be invited to pick and process your own leaves. 

Tea Education: Explore The Basic Essentials

You might want to begin with buying, brewing and enjoying new types of tea. As you explore beyond the teabag, questions about how tea is grown and manufactured, differences in kinds of tea and the countries where it’s grown. 

Tea Education: Stay Current On The Health Science of Tea

Tea has become a “darling” of the health industry. Scientific research is now affirming ancient beliefs from medical beliefs that have been held for thousands of years. But is it really true

Tea Education: Advanced Explorations

ITSS is for all tea lovers; from those who only know about teabag brands in grocery stores to advanced sippers hoping to broaden their experience even more. Our team will be seeking out content for the most advanced palate and experienced tea historians. 

Tea Books: Complete Texts, Excerpts & Reviews

From historic tomes that have earned place on every tea lover’s shelf to newly penned articles by today’s tea professionals, we strive to fill the library with diverse content of high quality. 

Tea People: Meet Industry Pros

ITSS enjoys introducing members to tea professionals from around the world. Want to meet the writers and teachers devoting their work to tea education.  And what about the lineage of tea people who inspired them. 

Tea Entertaining: Parties, Tastings, Fundraising

Hundreds of ideas for dozens of tea party themes can be your go-to guide for your next event. Delight your family. Create memories for your friends. Design a tea party for your children’s class. 


Why are you creating a subscription website for Tea Lovers?

For many years now, I’ve said that we who are working in the industry have many ways to gather at international trade shows and to exchange ideas within online chat rooms. There are dozens of blogs with great articles and educational programs that offer beginning classes. But we who work in tea don’t have many tools to reach out to consumers and welcome them into this fascinating world.

This is what inspired the creation of ITSS. I want to be that bridge. A virtual meeting place where members can find what they need more easily and more reliably than a browser web search.

What does it cost to join?
  • Always Free Membership! Includes newsletter, directory, calendar, podcasts and access to dozens of pages.
  • Basic Sipper Membership is $25 USD per year. (Through December, 2017)
  • Charter Sipper Membership is $35 USD for a lifetime membership. A one-time payment will cover a lifetime membership. This is only available at special events and festivals.
  • Business Sipper Membership is $50 USD per year. This includes a full page description of their business with up to five category listings in our main directory. Business Sipper Members can also add tea events to the ITSS calendar and are eligible additional ways to promote their business to the entire membership.

See the Business Member Information Page

Why is ITSS a paid membership?

Membership fees make it possible to survive without random advertising on every page. We can maintain our tea focus and limit any paid advertising to our Tea Sipper Business Members. Advertising that is probably valuable to our members! It also enables us to curate and purchase the highest quality content. We intend to commission premium material and organize it for easy access and fun for all ages.


Is there a guarantee of satisfaction?

Yes. If ITSS isn’t what you expected, within the first month, please contact our Member Services Department.

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