Tea Library; Tea Books for Every Interest

Complete Tea Books, rare editions and preview excerpts.

The Tea Sipper Library is off to a conservative start for our launch. But we now have more than thirty rare editions being prepared for publishing and a dozen living authors who will be offering chapters of their published books for your preview. 

Vintage Tea Literature

  • Classic of Tea, Okakura
  • Ballad of The Boston Tea Party, Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • Moral….
  • Five O’Clock Tea, W.D. Howells

Contemporary Tea Literature

  • Tea Fried Brain, Frank Hadley Murphy (Chapter 2)
  • The Emma Lea Books, (4) Babette Donaldson
  • Fun With Tea, Babette Donaldson

Journey To The Tea Districts of China by Robert Fortune

Five O'Clock Tea, by W.D. Howells

Tea Fried Brain by Frank Hadley Murphy

Emma Lea's First Tea Ceremony

Emma Lea's First Tea Party