Our Tea Sipper Team

Babette Donaldson

Founder & Head Sipper

Babette Donaldson, founder of the International Tea Sippers Society and author of The Everything Healthy Tea Book and The Emma Lea Books began her adventure with “real” tea as a graduate art student in San Francisco during the 70’s with a focus on ceramic art. Studying the history and elegance of ancient tea ware inspired curiosity for the beverage and worldwide cultures that celebrate it ceremonially. This inspired her most recent project, “Sip for Peace” for which she earned Best Consumer-Oriented Marketing Campaign at this year’s World Tea Expo.

Jennifer Langdon

Editor, Tea Sipper News & Special Events Manager

Jennifer Langdon is a writer, maker, and professional wanderer.  After twenty years hopscotching between higher education and the nonprofit world, she now lives and travels full-time with Fiona the Wonder Pug in a restored 1965 Avion camper and blogs (sporadically) at www.creative-egghead.com.  A lifelong tea enthusiast, she is thrilled to bring her editorial eye to the International Tea Sippers Society.

Lou Berkley

Consultant and Editor for “Sip for Peace”

Lou has worked with many specialty tea brands including International Tea Importers, Waterfall Teas among others. Lou contributed his tea research, writing, and project management skills to the 2017 edition of The Romance of Tea by William H. Ukers (annotated by James Norwood Pratt), and collaborated with Babette Donaldson on the “Sip for Peace” campaign for the International Tea Sippers Society.  Lou has authored upcoming articles including one set for publication in the Tea Journey Magazine.