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A children's tea-themed picture book.

Emma Lea’s First Tea Party

Written by Babette Donaldson

Illustrated by Jerianne Van Dijk

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Emma Lea’s First Tea Party is the first in a series of tea-themed picture books by author, Babette Donaldson. Illustrations are from original watercolor paintings by illustrator, Jerianne Van Dijk. (Published by Blue Gate Books in 2006).

From Inside the Front Jacket: 

Emma Lea is excited to attend her grandmother’s annual birthday tea party along with her mother and the other ladies of the family. She dresses up in her favorite party clothes for the special occasion along with her mother and three aunts. “I want to look like a big girl for Grammy,” she tells her mother. 

The table is elegantly set with Grammy’s finest china and trays of teacakes and sandwiches when Emma Lea and her mother arrive. Everything is exactly the same as it has been every year before – just the way Grammy likes it. But Emma Lea brings some new twists to the old family tradition. Now everyone will look forward to next year’s tea party even more. 

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Title Page

Emma Lea & Mama arrive at Grammy's Tea Party

Emma Lea and Aunt Meg

Emma Lea and Grampop

Emma Lea's aunts and Mama

Emma Lea Coloring Page

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