How To Sip-In 

The Workbook & Guide

We call the activity we share during Sip for Peace a Sip-In. It’s as simple as envisioning a connected and peaceful planet while you enjoy your daily tea. Or it can be more!

Responding to suggestions from 2018 Sip for Peace participants, we’ve put together a book of ideas and resources to help you create your own Sip-In, either to enjoy alone or with friends. 


Curious about How to Sip-In?

Don’t worry: we’ve got your back!

Our user-friendly guide, How To Sip-In, is chock-full of suggestions and resources, with a special section to help tea businesses connect to customers through Sip for Peace 2019

  • 8.5 x 11″
  • 35+ pages
  • Includes lists of resources for planning and activities
  • Includes pages you can copy to use in your Sip-Ins

How to Sip-In will be available as a downloadable e-book (FREE to Super Sipper and Business members).

Prefer a bound soft-cover copy?

We’ll also have a print option available for purchase through the Tea Sipper store. 

Table of Contents


Forward: Believing In Peace

Tea as Activism

30 Days of Tea and Peace: The Digital Campaign

The Global Tea Blend

What Is A Sip-In and How Do I Host or Participate?

Kinds of Sip Ins: Suggestions to support your personal practice or your community or business-building event, from the intimate to the extravaganza!

  • For Individuals and Small Groups
  • For Tea Professionals & Other Businesses
  • Themed Sip-Ins
  • Sipping in Community & Large Groups
  • Sipping with Kids
  • Sipping with Seniors

Planning Your Sip-In

  • Preparing Tea
  • Offering Food: Sip-In Themed Menus & Recipes
  • Decorations for your Sip-In
  • Sip-In Activities & Arts & Crafts

Promoting & Sharing Your Sip-In

Additional Resources & Links:

  • How to Buy Teas from Featured Farms and Regions
  • From Tea Activism and Peace Organizations to Books, Songs, Quotes, and more….

Free Downloads For Forever Free Members

  • List of Imagine Card prompts  
  • Crossword Puzzles and other word games 
  • Decorations: placemat, peace images for flags
  • Sip for Peace Poster
  • Invitations

Free Downloads For Super Sipper and Business Members

  • Sip for Peace Journal  
  • How To Sip-In Workbook
  • Imagine Card Sets

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We would like everyone to participate in Sip for Peace 2019. For this reason, our Forever Free Sippers will receive almost all of the downloads that we’ve created for this important project. Financial support provided by paid subscriptions and the sale of some items allows us to generously share this experience. Thank you.