Month of Tea Brewing 2017  

Day #4

Black Fusion, A Doke tea from India

Black Fusion - A Doke Tea

Large leaf sets of 2-leaves-and-a-bud brew a complex tea to lovely amber-colored liquor. This tea is from a relatively new area in Darjeeling, India. Lochan Tea is developing new land and new opportunities for tea workers.

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One of the main benefits of the basket’s open space is that it allows the leaves to float in the hot water for a more even infusion. The basket can easily be set aside and saved for additional steepings. Each cup, of course, will be progressively lighter.

Beginner Brewer Tip:  Consider that there is not a single steeping in each set of leaves. Almost all tea can be steeped at least twice. Some have many “layers” of flavor. Each with unique characteristics. You might think of it as the dark cup and the lighter cup. Look for the  subtleties in the lighter cup. They might be hidden gems of tea flavors. 

Happy Brewing . . . Babette

Individual Infuser Baskets

Ceramic infusers

Infuser baskets are available in many different materials: ceramic with holes, stainless steel mesh, woven bamboo ribbons, plastic and nylon. There are also many different designs that are not only functional but elegant.

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“Darjeeling is a very special place that produces a very special tea.

In Darjeeling what is called a garden is actually a large plantation that may cover a thousand or more acres, and cover a thousand feet in altitude. These plantations, established by the British in 1852, are home to hundreds of workers and their families. Most are self-contained communities with their own school, hospitals and temples.”

Rajiv Lochan

Lochan Tea Website