Month of Tea Brewing 2017 –  Day #13

Jing Shan Tribute Tea


Picked and produced at the Jingshan Ping Cha tea factory on April 1st, these aromatic, wiry, deep green leaves are from the tender, down-covered shoots of 15 year old Jiu Keng cultivar bushes. Fresh and vegetal yet very smooth, the taste has elements of sweet pea and asparagus. Only 500 kgs was made. It comes from Dongbei peak of Tian Mu Mtns. near Hangzhou city, China. Mentioned in Lu Yu’s Tang Dynasty Tea Classic, Jingshan tea was offered to the emperors as Tribute. It reached its height in the Song Dynasty when a Japanese monk came to Jingshan temple to study Buddhism. Returning to Japan, he also took Jingshan tea seeds and culture. (From The Robertson Tea website product description.)

Beginner Notes on Tea:
Tribute Teas were teas that were so good that they were reserved for the royal court. What started as a voluntary offering to show respect eventually became mandatory. The great honor of being chosen for The Emperor also dealt hardship to the small grower who might have difficulty replacing that loss of income – especially in a difficult season when the harvest was small.

Today we still use the term “Tribute Tea” to refer to very rare and very famous teas from growing regions with a history of their teas being served to royalty, dignitaries and high-ranking government officials.

Enjoy a sip of something special today . . .


Glass Infuser Set

This little brewer is perfect for the Tea Sipper who loves brewing whole leaves and wants to experience every aspect of the infusion process. Focus for a moment on the aroma wafting up from the inner cylinder before slipping it inside the outer glass chamber and then adding the hot water. Replace the cap and enjoy a beautiful show. When ready, gently pull the inner cylinder straight up and the tea will drain out thin slots in the bottom and you will have the spent leaf saved for another infusion. Invert the cap to keep drips from escaping and pour the brew into your cup with a well-designed but discreet spout.

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Tea is a beverage, a commodity, a ceremony, an afternoon tradition, a drink of peace, a pick-me-up, a path to meditation, and much more. It comes from a sturdy evergreen bush that thrives in warm, wet places, and age-old prescriptions rule how the meticulously plucked fresh leaves of the plant are processed to produce what you steep in the teapot. Tea has a long, rich history as well, one laden with both fanciful legends and hard facts. Part of the enjoyment of drinking tea is learning as much as you can about everything from its botanical lineage and centuries-old history to the differences between black tea and green tea, oolong tea and dark tea.


Lisa Boalt Richardson

Author, "Modern Tea"