Month of Tea Brewing 2017  –   Day #19

Jasmine Pearls


Jasmine teas are made by a process called “scenting”. Unlike teas created by adding concentrated flavors or blended with flowers and spices, Jasmine teas are created by placing the tea in contact with fresh flowers for a limited amount of time to absorb the scent. Then they are separated. This process is repeated multiple times – depending on the desired intensity of the jasmine flavor and aroma.

Jasmine Pearls are one of the most demanding, labor-intensive teas to manufacture. Because the tea is ready to be plucked long before the jasmine flowers mature, the tea is processed and stored for months. And, crafting the small ball shape (the pearl) requires years of experience. There is now a growing shortage of laborers with these skills. And many of these complex teas are being manufactured in more expedient ways or are becoming more rare and expensive.

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Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty.


Tea is also a sort of spiritual refreshment, an elixir of clarity and wakeful tranquility. Respectfully preparing tea and partaking of it mindfully create heart-to-heart conviviality, a way to go beyond this world and enter a realm apart. No pleasure is simpler, no luxury cheaper, no consciousness-altering agent more benign.


Tea-making is a ritual that, like the drink itself, warms the heart somehow.

James Norwood Pratt

Author, The Ultimate Tea Lovers' Treasury & The Tea Dictionary