Month of Tea Brewing 2017  –   Day #20

Huangtian – Yellow Meadow

Chinese Green Tea

Huangtian-green tea

From The Tea House Website: 

“Excellent, flavorful green tea, naturally grown and processed with out use of chemical pesticides. The downy early spring-picked leaves are carefully crafted by master teamakers, in the small Huangtian tea village in Fujian Province, China. Sales from this tea help support the village.”

Huangtian fields

Note to Beginner Brewer,

One aspect of drinking whole-leaf, handcrafted tea is the way you can feel connected directly to the plantation and the community that grew and processed it. More and more we can “meet” the people in the fields and factories and develop an understanding of how our purchase helps or can hurt.

Huangtian is a Chinese tea village where I was a guest for a week. The beautiful fields slope down both sides of the river and their tea factory is a small and the green leaves are processed completely by hand. While they don’t have an official organic certification, the entire community takes great pride in the lack of pesticides and modern methods of sustainability they use.

A percentage proceeds from the small amount of this tea exported to the U.S. is returned to the Senior Center in Huangtian, benefitting some of the retired tea people.

Enjoy a sip or two today!



Tea Travel Set

Gaiwan, Pitcher, Cups & Tools


A travel set like this – with a very small gaiwan – may seem like a luxury to a beginner. Some even think that serious tea lovers get a little carried away with unnecessary teaware. One point to be made about travel sets like this are that professionals often need to sample a lot of teas in some very different circumstances. When making a large purchase – that could be a significant investment – having your own set to consistently control the variables can make a huge difference.

But, for the rest of us, it can be great fun. At the risk of looking like a tea snob, you can even brew a wonderful tea on a plane or at a picnic. Be packed and ready to go in an instant with one of your favorite leaf teas.

Tea in Huangtian, China

Huangtian picking tea

Fun With Tea

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Great Mother

In the picking of tea,

I think about the manifestation of the Mother.

She is everything.

She comes without fail,

watching over her children.

She is the Wise One.

Her power flows as she picks

The delicate bud.

She wears a golden halo around her head

And carries the basket of tea

As if it were sweet compassion,

Ready to put out onto the world.


Shelly Richardson

Author, " Looking Deeply Into Tea, Thoughts and Prayers"