Month of Tea Brewing 2017  

Day #7

Ceylon Tea


Sri Lankan Tea


You will find teas from the island nation of Sri Lanka also referred to as Ceylon Tea. Ceylon was its name during British rule from 1815 – 1948. And tea became an important commodity after the coffee blight. It was a Scotsman, James Taylor, who became a British citizen that first successfully grew tea to replace coffee and became known as the Father of Sri Lankan Tea. And it was Taylor who worked with Thomas Lipton in the 1890’s to launch the famous brand.

Ceylon black tea is known for it’s malty, nutty flavor and this Ratnapura Blend from The Tea House also has notes of honey and cocoa.

Beginner Brewing Tip:

Using the two-teapot method doesn’t suggest that you purchase two identical or expensive teapots. Your brewing teapot does not have to be one that you present to guests. It can easily be kept in the background. In fact, some of my best brewing teapots were found at garage sales and thrift stores.

What I realized is that some of the most worn, cracked, chipped teapots were the most beloved and most used. Pretty, poorly functioning teapots don’t get used as much as the more reliable ones. The pretty ones sit on the shelf while the favorites become the daily workhorses for tea brewing. Additionally, I’ve also found some incredible antique and Yixing teaware in unlikely places because the people in charge of disposing of a true tea lover’s collection had no idea of the value.

Enjoy some daily sipping . . . . Babette


Two-Teapot Brewing

Two teapot Method for Brewing

The two-teapot method is probably the most foolproof way to serve perfect tea to your guests.

When you don’t have time to worry about measuring and timing – – when you’re also trying to prep and serve food and pay attention to the conversation with guests – – and when you just need to have one less thing to think about – – it’s best to have one teapot for brewing and one for serving. Keep the leaves in the first pot, using a simple strainer to decant the tea into the second (fancier) pot. The original leaves can probably be used at least one more time.

A second steeping may need to be longer to be strong enough to satisfy your preference.

Sri Lankan Tea Sommelier
Pinterest Board - Black Tea Sommelier

“When I was a child, I played “having tea” in my grandmother’s library with a miniature tea service made out of sterling silver and china. I’d serve my imaginary guests imaginary tea with an equally imaginary array of sweets. My grandmother would play with me for hours, then we’d bake a real cake and enjoy a real teatime. … Years later, I learned the pleasures of tea anew. Now I often invite over a continual group of people for tea and sweets – a plate of little cakes, a loaf cake sliced up, a fresh fruit cake, a pound cake – and a pot of freshly made tea.”

“A tea party is a fine time for introducing new neighbors to the community, for visiting with old friends, getting together with colleagues or just plain relaxing. It is a welcome interlude that warms the heart and brightens the day.”

Lisa Yokelson

Author, "Country Cakes: A Homestyle Treasury"