Sip for Peace 2019 - Meditation Submissions

Call for Entries

Sip for Peace 2018

Each day during the month of January we shared simple visions of a peaceful planet while sipping tea. Binding us together was a focus on different tea growing regions and the ways in which cultures around the world embrace tea practices as an important part of daily life. In doing so, we realize that we are more alike than different. And we share a universal goal. Planetary Peace.

A gallery of the 2018 Sip for Peace Project

Now …   Let’s Do It Again!

we invite you to add your voice, your vision and your vitality to next year’s project.

Sip for Peace 2019

We will begin accepting submissions for the inspirational messages (meditations, reflections) on November 1, 2018. And we invite you to share your ideas and become part of the next campaign. Please use the contact form below to give a short description of what you would like to contribute: Please include:

  • the format (text only, text + audio, text + video)
  • a short statement of how you see the world without war
  • a comment on how tea contributes to personal, community and/or global peace
  • and just a little bit about who you are and how to contact you

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