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Your tea can be part of the "Flavor of Peace"

Global Tea Blend – The Flavor of Peace

The Global Tea Blend is an iconic blend of teas from countries around the world. The challenge to include leaves from widely diverse terroir and what might seem to be incompatible leaf styles breaks all the rules. It is almost as unimaginable as the vision of our world without war. And yet, our 2018 blend of 31 green teas was surprisingly sweet and flavorful. For 2019 our blend of teas will be black leaf tea. 

If you are an individual tea farm or a distributor who would like to support one of the farms in your community, please consider …..

Benefits of being a Tea Donor Sponsor

  • Your farm will be featured for one of the 30 days of Sip for Peace 2019.        View a 2018 Daily Page on the website.
  • You will be listed three times in the Sip for Peace Journal.   The daily page. The sponsor index. The tea donor index.  
  • Resources Page aids buyers to locate retailers or purchase directly from you. 
  • You will receive a 1-year Business Membership in ITSS.  ($100 value)


Requirements for being a Tea Donor Sponsor

  • Complete the application form below or download the PDF version to submit.
  • Information you provide is essential for the website page of your Sip for Peace day. 
  • Donate 3 kilos of black leaf tea. 
  • Send via postal mail or make other arrangements to deliver tea. (Possibly World Tea Expo, Las Vegas) 


We hope that all your questions are answered on this information page. But we are also happy to have you contact us directly. Please email to request a scheduled phone or Skype call.

Why do you call ITSS and Sip for Peace a partnership?

One of the foundational themes of both International Tea Sippers Society and our project, Sip for Peace, is that Tea People around the world are already a community. Together we can make this more tangible for every participant. 

One comparison I like to make is with the current popularity of consumers wanting to purchase their food from local sources (within 100 miles). The assumption with this is that they have a stronger relationship with those providers and that the food is both better and safer. There is an implied trust based mostly on proximity. But, in reality, we seldom have in depth information about farming practices just because we live closer. 

The daily pages featuring your farm are an opportunity for readers and tea drinkers to feel that they are forming a relationship with you, have increased trust in your tea and will also have a much greater understanding of tea in general.  

What is required from Tea Donors to partner with ITSS for Sip for Peace 2019?

The only thing we ask from Tea Donor Sponsors are:

  • 3 kilos of black leaf tea. 
  • Shipping or otherwise delivering tea to ITSS.
  • Text details and images for the application form.
  • Optional video or audio files.

We’ve tried to make this opportunity much more valuable than the cost of the tea + shipping. 

Of note, we already have many tea farms selected. We encourage you to contact us soon. 

Consider all levels of Sip for Peace 2019 Sponsorship. 

We’re using a fill-in-the-blanks form so that we can create the daily pages with as much meaningful and interesting information as consistently as possible. The questions suggested on our form (see below) are not intended to limit what you would like to say about your tea, your farm, your staff, your region in any way. They are intended to serve as an outline to guide and inspire you to tell your unique story. 

We do not require, but would very much like to include more interactive media. This can be photos, video and/or audio. Our team is happy to help create pages that will provide a rich experience for every viewer.

In addition to our daily emails guiding readers to the 30 daily pages of Sip for Peace, we will be posting each day on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. We will be adding social media “boosts” to each day and encourage you to share with your contacts.

For S4P 2019 we will use the same style and material package, but possibly a different color option. 

  • Global Tea Blend Package with TeaOne size, 2-ounce packages. 
  • Limited availability. We encourage early orders for those scheduling Sip-Ins who want to use GTB.
  • Bamboo blend, zip-lock waterproof packages
  • Product Label includes primary sponsor logos
  • Shipping box will include information about Sip for Peace & ITSS
  • Tea Donor Sponsors are welcome to include samples & brochures in the shipping box.

For maximum effectiveness of Sip for Peace 2019, we are following the following schedule. But, as with any project, sooner is always better!

  1. Firm commitments from all Tea Donor Sponsors by April 30, 2019.
  2. Final content for each Tea Donor Sponsor’s farm received by ITSS by June 15, 2019.
  3. Social Media promotions and editing of published materials begin as soon as content is received. 
  4. All tea donations received by ITSS for blending and packaging by July 1, 2019. 
  5. Pre-orders will be shipped on August 1, 2019.

Sip for Peace 2019 - Tea Sponsors

You may use this form to apply to be one of the Tea Sponsors for Sip for Peace 2019. Tea Sponsors donate 2 kilos of black tea for the Global Tea Blend, including shipping or deliver of tea as well as descriptions of the tea, farm, processing and images to be used on the Sip for Peace Daily Page.

Please use this contact form to schedule a phone call.

I look forward to hearing from you and sharing more about

Sip for Peace 2019

Babette Donaldson

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