Sip for Peace 2019

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Sip for Peace 2018 Poster

Review Last Year . . .Sip for Peace 2018

Each day during the month of January we shared simple visions of a peaceful planet while sipping tea. Binding us together was a focus on different tea growing regions and the ways in which cultures around the world embrace tea practices as an important part of daily life. In doing so, we realize that we are more alike than different. And we share a universal goal.

Peace On Our Planet.

A gallery of the 2018 Sip for Peace Project

Let’s Do It Again!    Let’s Do More!

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World Tea Expo Award 

Our Vision of Tea Activism

Sip for Peace integrates the healing power of tea with the power of visualization and community. Our vision of tea activism connects tea growers, tea businesses, and tea lovers around the globe, coming together as a global community to share belief in and visions of a more peaceful world, one cup at a time.    (Tea & Activism)

Connecting a Global Community

Around the world, a vast tea community is already experiencing Camellia sinensis (true tea) not only as a delicious beverage but as a powerful vehicle for inner peace. Sip for Peace connects our personal tea practices to a larger mission through thirty days of tea farm profiles, reflections, and prompts to help each of us imagine our world transformed by peace. Whether you sip alone or as part of a community Sip-In, Sip for Peace is a simple daily practice with the potential for powerful results.

Our Dynamic Art

Riffing off last year’s vibrant design, artist Diane Murphy is putting the finishing touches on the 2019 version of the main poster as well as a range of new designs/products to enhance our 2019 publicity and marketing and better support Tea Sippers and Tea Businesses hosting Sip-Ins.

New for 2019

New Poster Art Theme

Our 2019 poster by Diane Murphy will be used for many of our Sip for Peace materials. Look for more print materials to use for your Sip-In, with your group or in your business. Posters, labels, stickers, coasters, Internet widgets, tees, cups and mugs. Members will be able to download many of the print items. 

Different Month:  September 2019

Moving Sip for Peace to September allows us to synchronize with the United Nations Day of World Peace on September 21st. Our Sip-Ins and the supporting materials we provide can be incorporated into Day of World Peace events. 


Different Global Tea Blend:  A Black Tea Blend

Focus will be on thirty different regions that produce black tea. A few countries could not participate last year because they did not produce green teas, the criteria for our Global Tea Blend. For many interesting growing regions, black tea is more representative of their tea culture and we’re excited to be including them in the project.

Spotlight on Tea Farms & Farmers

More importantly, we’re planning to feature the individual farms and farmers rather than just thirty different regions. Each of these farms will be contributing their tea to be blended as the 2019 Global Tea Blend.   

More Resource Materials:

  • How To Sip-In: A resource guide to planning and organizing your Sip-In event. 

From something as simple as adding a private meditative moment to your regular cup-of-tea break to scheduling a much larger public event, How To Sip-In will provide suggestions and tools to make Sip for Peace more meaningful and more fun. 

  • Sip for Peace Imagine Cards

Imagine Cards are prompts to inspire your visualizations of our peaceful planet. Addressing the challenge we fact to be able to picture something that no one alive today has ever known, each card will suggest some images to build upon. Use them in a personal daily practice or as a group event. 

  • Sip for Peace Journal  

Fill each day with your own creative visions of how we can change the world. The Sip for Peace Journal not only provides space for your notes but also some of the same content from the daily emails and pages. This can be a complement to or replacement for being online.

All of these publications will be available as free PDF downloads to Tea Sipper Members.  Soft cover, published versions. In these publications will be new coloring pages, art & craft templates and invitations you can print to help organize your event.

We now have a larger Tea Sipper Team

The plan we’re setting in motion would not be possible without the talents and experience of a fantastic team – more than double the energy and creativity from last year.  (Meet Our Team Link)

Expanded Media Outreach

Being a second year as well as “award-winning” makes this goal more realistic. Sip for Peace is easier to explain and having a larger team behind us makes this possible. 

More Sip for Peace Collectibles

In 2018 we created mugs and tee shirts. But Sip-In organizers asked if we could supply more Sip  for Peace merchandise to add to their events. So we’re creating a smaller tasting cup, an apron, coasters, games, stickers and decorations.