Global Tea Blend 2018

The Flavor of Peace

What happens when you blend 31 different teas from as many regions around the world? 

You taste the way in which we share a desire for beauty and for peace.

“I can’t imagine a better symbol for the way in which tea brings the world together. Thirty-one different leaves, grown under vastly different conditions demonstrate how we can celebrate our differences and still brew a harmonious blend.”

Babette Donaldson, ITSS Founder

2-ounce packet of Global Tea Blend

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$28 includes International Shipping

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GTB is a blend of 31 different teas from diverse regions around the world. Some are familiar. Several regions may surprise and intrigue you. We chose to use predominately green teas in this blend. A few non-green teas have been included because they best represent the regions and also because they will expand our understanding of tea as an ancient but evolving art. Hopefully, you will be inspired to try teas from these new regions and also revisit old friends.

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