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Instant Calm

Guided Meditation – CalmZone

Peace rests within us and a sip of tea connects us with this experience whether alone or shared with others. The CalmZone meditation offers a moment to pause and enhance the feeling of inner peace. So while your tea is brewing, nestle into a comfortable position and surrender to the sounds of the ocean and the voice of calm.


Jane Schueler is the founder of TEAHQ and a Tea Master, guest judge, masterclass educator, keynote speaker and a member of the Advisory Committee of the Australasian Tea Association. Jane also has national and international experience in training, business, sports. executive/leadership coaching and global research with UNESCO.  As an award-winning brain fitness and high performance innovator and educator, Jane focuses on how to set the brain up for success. She also promotes the close relationship between tea and brain health as it relates to mental and emotional well-being, mood, stress management, mindfulness, nutrition and most importantly social connection. Jane writes and produces the CalmZone audio series to calm, relax and restore our most precious asset..