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Korean Tea Culture

Myung Won emphasized that all those who practice tea ceremony to maintain the virtue of sincerity with trueness (淸淨) , modesty with generosity (儉德), harmony through discipline (中和) and respect for propriety (禮敬).

Honorable Myung Won

(From the Muyung Won Cultural Foundation Website)

The Pioneer of Korean Tea Ceremony – the Honorable Myung Won

Myung Won, Kim, Mi Hee restored, compiled, and presented the comprehensive procedures of the Korean tea ceremony to the public for the first time in Korea.

The procedures of 2000 year old Korean tea ceremonies were presented as the Royal Court tea ceremony, Buddhist Temple tea ceremony, Daily Life tea ceremony and Guest Greeting tea ceremonies in Sejong Cultural Center. The procedures are now known as Myung Won tea ceremony. The Myung Won tea ceremony continues today as the authentic traditional Korean tea ceremony.

The Myung Won Tea Ceremony Represents The Head Family Tradition of Korean Tea Ceremonies

Myung Won considered tea ceremony as fundamental core of our spiritual and cultural heritage, and dedicated herself to revive and restore Korean tea ceremony to bring proper awareness of the country’s spirit and philosophy, strengthen one’s character and discipline, raise moral, and contribute to the nation’s stability and development.

Myung Won actively led the effort to restore and preserve historical places of Korean tea culture, including ChilBulSa temple, DaeDoonSa and Iljiam temple. To foster proper learning environment, Myung Won restored Korean tea rooms at Kookmin University to ensure generations of tea culture and tea ceremonies.