Sip for Peace: Sip-In Suggestions

Be Creative! Have Fun!

Choosing Teas for your Sip-In:

  • Order your Global Tea Blend
  • Visit your local tea retailer
  • Check out our International Tea Resource Guide

Sip-In Menu Suggestions: 

  • Planet Earth Sugar Cookies
  • Peaceful Peace Symbol Pizza
  • Serve International dishes that match the region where a tea is grow

A Moment of Personal Peace:


  • Use the resources in each day’s message to create your private vision of the world without war. Brew your tea. Find your quiet place. Pick one thing you believe will be different without war. Focus on that one thing and allow your creative mind to visualize this new world.
  • Make notes of where your imagination takes you throughout the month. Write. Doodle. Sketch. Record what will be most meaningful later when you think back on the experience.
  • Use your favorite teas for your Sip-Ins. But take a moment to research the ingredients that make up a bend. Do you know where the tea grew?
  • Try a tea from a country about which you’ve been curious. Let tea be your guide to know more about the people and the land.
  • Try a tea from a country that you did not know grew tea. How does sipping their tea change your feeling about the country and the culture?

Even if you are sipping alone, pour your tea in a second cup as a reminder that you are sharing this day with others around the world. This can be something very simple or more ceremonial.

Sip With A Friend:


  • Share a pot of the Global Tea Blend with a friend. Enjoy the practice of viewing the dry leaves. Compare with the fully re-hydrated wet leaves. And savor the final brew. Experiment with multiple infusions and/or different brewing styles.
  • Make it a simple tea with minimal fuss – focusing on the practice of imagining a peaceful planet – and sharing that discussion as you enjoy your tea.
  • Each of you can provide tea from a different region. Brew your choices and share the adventure of exploring new tea cultures along with creative visions of a peaceful planet.
  • Select several teas to compare and contrast.

Gather a Group for Tea and Talk:

Organize a tea party using the Sip for Peace theme. Share ideas with fellow Sippers for making these events even more fun and more meaningful.

  • Serve interesting tea selections. Perhaps share a pot of the Global Tea Blend!
  • Earth cookie cuttersFollow the theme of world peace with fun foods. Perhaps rolled cookies cut with an Earth imprint cutter. Or a Peace Pizza – topping the round pie with your favorite flavors in the form of a peace symbol.
  • Learn about world peace from children. Check out our gallery. 
  • Sing-along peace songs. Check out our gallery. 
  • Make sure everyone has a turn to share the way in which they imagine our world without war. What will be different?

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