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Tea Song: "When The Kettle Whistles"


When The Kettle Whistles

To the tune of the traditional English Round, “White Coral Bells”

 Lyrics by Babette Donaldson

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"When The Kettle Whistles" - YouTube Video

Sheet Music from the original book, Fun With Tea 

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When the kettle whistles, and it’s time for tea,

I think of those who made it just for me.

Farmers in the green fields very far away,

Pruned and picked an dried it in a special way.

. . . . . 

Looking in my teacup, sometimes I think I see,

Many people sipping ’round the world with me.

When the kettle whistles and it’s time for tea,

All these new friends smile and share my tea with me.

When The Kettle Whistles Sheet Music - Image of PDF

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