Tea For Two Hundred

This classic Disney cartoon isn’t exactly about tea, but it’s interesting that, in 1948 the piece was called a “Tea” rather than a “Picnic” as it might be thought of today. This reminds us that teatime, and the idea of sharing tea was once much more common. We’ve lost something in that. Perhaps because the idea of stopping for respite during the day didn’t fit as comfortably into the super-charged lifestyle as coffee break to refuel with more “high octane” stimulants took hold. But, at what price?


Don’t you love the idea of Donald Duck having an outdoor tea party!

Tea for Two Hundred was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1949, but lost to The Little Orphan, an MGM Tom and Jerry film which shared one of 7 Oscars for the Tom and Jerry series. the title of the film is a reference to the song “Tea for Two.” Animation from the short was later used in Uncle Donald’s Ants (1952).[1][2][3]

From Wikipedia