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Tea Talk Magazine CoverIn 1989, Diana Rosen began writing about tea by publishing a quarterly newsletter, Tea Talk. Today, copies of this publication are rare treasures. It was an opportunity for other writers to become known, for new businesses to reach a very receptive audience and for specialty tea to be introduced to a new audience in the U.S.  In her own words;

As a passionate enthusiast of fine specialty tea, I’ve explored its history, customs, and charms in several books, amplified by two trips to India. Next on the agenda, Japan and China!

In the meantime, I write! Of my 13 books (so far) six involve tea, and other topics include coffee (yes, I’m bi-beverage), ice cream, Social Security, Incense and with the delightful Deborah Felder, 50 Jewish Women Who Changed the World (but enough about me.) I’m a facilitor for freewrite classes, coach and editor for other writers, and contribute prolifically to various web sites on food, beverage, and lifestyle topics.

(From Rosen’s Amazon Author Page)

 Rosen’s Tea Books

  • Taking Time For Tea
  • Meditations With Tea
  • Chai
  • Green Tea
  • Green Tea, Antioxidants In A Cup
  • Steeped In Tea

Green Tea, Cover, RosenIn review of her book, Green Tea, Dr. Andrew Weil commented,

“A rhapsody to green tea, this short, wonderfully readable book provides a wealth of information about green tea from a true connoisseur. No book on green tea would be complete without a review of the many health benefits attributed to the beverage, and Rosen doesn’t disappoint here.”



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