Welcome to our Tea Sippers Community

Dear New Tea Sipper, 

Whether you’re new to ITSS or upgrading your membership, this message was created to be a welcome mat into our world of tea. When I first created Tea Sippers, many tea lovers were skeptical about the possibility of creating a community of people with such diverse interests. My response was that I wasn’t creating the international tea community; I was just providing a mechanism for it to be seen and for tea lovers who discover it to interact in a meaningful way.

After a lifetime of tea and almost 15 years of working in the industry, meeting people at festivals and trade shows, traveling to countries of origin, teaching classes for all ages and interest levels, I am more convinced of this than ever before. There is a resonance between tea people that becomes palpable at gatherings. Even when we are challenged by differences in spoken language, there is another level of communication when we share tea. 

It is this resonance that my Tea Sipper Team and I want to share with you in everything we do. 

Thank you for joining us, 


Browsing the ITSS Website

If you have been a Tea Sipper and are now just upgrading your membership, then congratulations for opening new opportunities. We will continue to expand articles and create new experiences. Below are the links to pages on the website that were featured in our recent Sipper Select month-of-tea for 2019. These are 30 examples of diverse content that were the most popular during 2018. Enjoy!