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Cup Above Tea

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ITSS Member Value: ITSS4TEA
Member Since:: 2016
Outstanding provenance. Incredible craftsmanship. Exceptional tea. We want to change the way you think about the leaves in your cup.
Our seasonally curated tea library gives you the chance to experience some of the finest, rarest and most fascinating teas. You can access the very best single-batch teas from a special collection of small family gardens around the world.

You will taste art in craft, thanks to our master artisan growers who have spent a lifetime perfecting their skills.

We share their stories with you. Stories that preserve heritage, insight curiosity and inspire learning.

You will know exactly what you are drinking – something exceedingly rare in the industry – because we provide provenance information for each tea in our collection so that you can understand its journey from garden to glass.

Most merchants don’t know these details – we consider them essential.

It’s a privilege to have you with us in the world of exceptional tea, and it’s a pleasure to share our story with you.

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