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Frank Hadley Murphy

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Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA 87502

Frank Hadley Murphy

Jade Mountain Tea Company  

PO Box 4482  Santa Fe, NM  87502                                


Link to excerpt from Tea Fried Brain in the ITTS Library.


DECEMBER 31, 1993

     My life in tea begins with “Pu-erh epiphany.”  My first taste experience of a single estate China tea from Yunnan province.  I was reminded of the words of D. H. Lawrence in his book “Mornings in Mexico”  “……something stood still in my heart and I started to attend.”


     Began formal training in China Tea under the direction of Tea Master Donald Wallis, Headmaster of the American Tea Masters Association (ATMA) at Jade Brook Tea House located in San Francisco.  ATMA later morphed into the International Tea Masters Association.  The ATMA was an institution established to recreate teas that were exclusively designed for the personal use of the emperors of China.  These teas were the highest expression of the tea makers craft.


     Invited to sit on a panel as a judge at the China Tea Competition in San Francisco.

     Visit the central green tea growing district of China, West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

     Contributed articles and a song, “Camellia”, to the ‘American Tea Journal’ and ‘Tea A Magazine’.  “The Spirit of Tea” article appeared in ‘The American Tea Journal’ Spring/Summer 1996; “Camellia” appeared in the ‘American Tea Journal’ in 1996 & ‘Tea A Magazine’ Sep/Oct. 1998.  Excerpts from “The Spirit of Tea” talk appeared in ‘Tea A Magazine’ in their April/May edition.

     “Spirit of Tea” lecture given at Connoisseur Tea Conference, San Francisco.  

    Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal for an article on tea, “High time for tea” appearing in the Journal’s ‘Far Eastern Economic Review’, January 18, 1996.


     Completed formal training with ATMA being the first and only student to do so. This was a tea mastership program for those interested in pursuing the Chinese Art of Tea.  All teas were hand picked, hand fired and hand finished from small tea gardens all over China.     This training encompassed a series of week-long teas intensives focusing on:  cultivating my palate; identifying tea leaf styles and shapes; perfecting brewing techniques including classes in water purity; doing side by side taste test comparisons with teas from all over the world; classes in tea botany, leaf chemistry, tea classification, cultivation and processing; and specialized training in various formal and informal China Tea presentations.

     Invited to sit on a panel as a judge at an international tea competition associated with the Connoisseur Tea Conference in San Francisco. Also invited to be a guest speaker at that conference where I chose to speak about my personal experiences of tea. 

     Appointed to the post of Spiritual and Religious Affairs Director of ATMA by Donald Wallis and Roy Fong.


     Embark upon a 2 week China Tea Intensive, in the field, with Tea Master Roy Fong in Zhejiang and Fujian Provinces, China.  Mr Fong is the owner of San Francisco’s Imperial Tea Court.  During the intensive:  the group attended classes at China’s National Tea Research Institute;  picked Dragon Well tea on the Institute’s private grounds; learned how to hand fire the leaves in woks; and then partook of the tea, brewed with Tiger Run Spring Water, while  sailing across majestic West Lake---in a floating tea house.

     On this same trip we visited an oolong tea garden along Nine Bends Stream in the Wu Yi tea producing district.  We also visited a factory that hand produced oolong tea.

     Hiked up a canyon to see China’s famous four Da Hong Pao tea bushes, had tea at the tea house and visited adjacent Taoist temples.

     Visited the Yi Xing Tea Pot Factory in Yi Xing, China.

     Had tea at a tea house inside the walls of the Forbidden City (my idea).

     Everywhere we went we had many different types of tea prepared for us by various tribal and professional people.

     My room mate on the trip was long time friend and colleague, James Norwood Pratt, also a senior student of Roy Fong.


     Interviewed by the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper where I was featured in their article  “Making Time for Tea” published in their Wednesday, March12th food section.  

     Guest speaker at the Longevity Cafe, March 18th. Santa Fe.  

     Interviewed by Rhea Goodman for her “Living Juicy” radio program on KSFR Community Public Radio, June 9th.


     Trained owners and staff of restaurants and tea rooms in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

     A series of Tea Tastings and Lectures at Mu Jing Lau’s ‘Mu Du Noodles Restaurant’.  April 27th and December 7th.

     Gave a series of hands-on tea classes at various private elementary schools in Santa Fe, NM.  including the Desert Montessori School, Reach the Children School, and The Fayette School. 

     “Considering Tea” lecture with dim sum at the Museum of International Folk art, Santa Fe, Monday, January 26, 2004.  Videotaped by the museum.      

     Interviewed by the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper for their article ”Tiny Little Tea Leaves Deliver” published on Wednesday, February 4, 2004.

     Meet with Pearl Dexter, editor of “Tea; a magazine” to write a joint review about the St. James Tearoom in Albuquerque, N.M.  Article appears in Pearl’s Spring 2004 edition.

     “Tea, Health and Longevity” lecture and tea tasting at the Longevity Café, Tuesday, February 10, 2004. 

     “China Tea” a talk and tea tasting presented at The Santa F’Asian Weekend sponsored by Tropic of Capricorn, Sunday, April 25, 2004.

      “Green Tea-First Flush” lecture and tea tasting at the St. James Tearoom in Albuquerque, May 20, 2004.

     Interviewed by the Albuquerque Journal newspaper where I was featured in their article “Mr. Tea” published in the Journal’s food section on July 21, 2004.

     “China Tea” lecture and tea tasting at the second Santa F’Asian weekend sponsored by the Tropic of Capricorn, Sunday, July 25, 2004.

     A lecture and tea tasting for the local group “Newcomers to Santa Fe” at Quail Run on Tuesday, September 14, 2004.

     “Teaism” talk at the “Take Me 2 Tea Expo” (now called the World Tea Expo) at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, R.I., Sept. 20, 2004. 

     Tea lecture at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Santa Fe on Oct. 21, 2004.

     Lecture and tea tasting for the Renesan group, Santa Fe, Nov. 4, 2004


     Lecture and tea tasting at Steepings,  Santa Fe, NM  Aug, 4,  2005


     Tea presentation and lecture at the Santa Fe Community Yoga Center,  NM  July 15, 2006

     Tea presentation and lecture for members of the Santa Fe Opera and Sunrise Springs Conference Center, NM  Aug. 25, 2006

     Tea presentstion and lecture for members of the Santa Fe Opera,  NM  Oct. 9, 2006

     Tea presentation and lecture for the owner and staff of Sunrise Springs Conference Center, La Cienega, NM.  Jan. 10,  2006

      The completion of my book  “The Spirit of Tea”.                                                                


      A review of Tan Dun’s opera “Tea: A Mirror of Soul” appears in the Spring 2007 edition of Tea a Magazine.

     An hour long interview on Mary Charlotte’s Santa Fe Radio Cafe Talk Show, KSFR Radio,  April 18, 2007.

     Three lectures and tea presentations for children and their parents (on behalf of the Santa Fe Opera) at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, April 20th, 2007.

      Another three lectures and presentations at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, May 18, 2007.

     On hand with the Saint James Tea Room at the Santa Fe Opera’s Open House to talk, field questions and serve tea to 2-3000 people, May 19, 2007.

     Tea presentation and lecture for the docents of the Santa Fe Opera at the Opera, June 1, 2007.

     Continued teas at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, Friday, June 15, 2007.

     Continued teas at the Santa Fe Children’s Museum, Friday, July 20, 2007.  Videographed by “Voice of America” an international braodcasting service which was later broadcast in China.

     A “Gong Fu”Chinese tea ceremony at Sunrise Springs Conference Center for “Tea Immersion Week” sponsered by the Santa Fe Opera, Tuesday, July 17, 2007

     The American premier of Chinese Taoist, Tan Dun’s Opera “Tea: A Mirror of Soul” at the Santa Fe Opera.   July 21, 2007.  Tan Dun won an Oscar for the music he created for “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”  I was able to present Tan Dun, on stage, a package of tea from his native village which I had air freighted in from China the day before.

      Sign book contract at my attorney’s office for the February publication of my book “The Spirit of Tea”    July 17, 2007.

     Food and tea pairing banquet at the Baleen restaurant, Santa Fe.  I prepared the five teas for the banquet which was sponsered by the Santa Fe Opera and the Inn of Loretto.  July 19, 2007.

     Tea presentation (Gong Fu) and lecture for Act 1 Performing Arts Tours (an international Opera touring company) at Sunrise Springs Conference Center, August 12, 2007.

      Chinese Tea Tasting event at the Rainbow Vision Center, Santa Fe, NM,  August 1, 2007.  Musicologists and Tan Dun experts Ken Smith and Joanna Lee hosted the event.  I supplied all the teas, teawares and was available for questions.

      Chinese Tea Tasting event at the Santa Fe Opera with Mr Smith and Mrs. Lee again.  August 3, 2007.  See reference listed above.


     A radio interview about my forthcoming book “The Spirit of Tea” with Harriet Harris on her ‘Om Zone” program.  Radio BLU Santa Fe 102.9 FM.  May 18th. 2008.

     Hour long radio interview about forthcoming “Spirit of Tea” with Mary-Charlotte on her Santa Fe Radio Cafe program.  Public Radio KSFR 101.1.  May 22, 2008.

    Book review and article appears in Santa Fe New Mexican’s Pasatiempo magazine.

     Albuquerque’s Journal North newapaper article appears to promote book.

     Garcia Street Bookstore lecture, tea and book signing.  75 people attended.  Sold one hundred books.  May 24, 2008

     Lecture and booksigning at Albuquerque Bookworks.  June 8, 2008.

     Lecture and book signing at The Tattered Cover Book Store in Denver, Colorado.  August 9, 2008.

     Two week, invitation only, tea intensive in the tea fields of Yunnan Province, China with Roy Fong and friends.  September 15-30, 2008.

     Gong Fu Tea presentation and lecture for The Renesan Group.  October 8, 2008.

     Lecture and book signing at The Ark Book Store.  September 7, 2008.


     Lectures, tea tastings and book signings at The Ann Arbor Book Festival and Writer’s Conference.  Ann Arbor, Michigan.  May 13-16, 2009

     Interviewed for the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper Winterlife Magazine for their article “A Spot of Tea” by Arin McKenna and photographer, Kitty Leaken.  Published November 7, 2008.

     Interviewed by Kitty Leaken for her book on tea rooms of the western United States to be published by Gibbs Smith.

     Contribute an essay on tea to Katrina Avila Munichiello’s book “Tea Memories” to be published in 2011.

     Begin to work with a Chinese Literary Study Group at Saint John’s College, Santa Fe, NM, to translate an as yet untranslated Tang dynasty poem about tea. 


     Take up residence in remote wilderness setting to continue translating works on both a Chinese Tang Dynasty tea poem and an untranslated Japanese tea treatise.  Also continue writing my second tea book,  a piece of comedic fiction set in the Chama River Canyon Wilderness Area of north central New Mexico.

     World Tea Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada with Babette Donaldson.  June 2010.  I talk about my book and man the tea author’s booths with others.


     Open Jade Mountain Tea on 1/1/11 and begin ordering tea directly from China.

     The completion of my second year at Yellow Crane Mountain Hermitage, La Cueva, NM.

     Private Pu-erh tea tasting and lecture to 26 people at a Christa Obuchowski’s Studio on Upper Canyon Road.  In attendence was, among others, the Baroness Taj Ali.  April 17, 2011

     An engaging on-line dialogue with Chinese tea scholar, Stephen Owyoung, results in his agreeing to help me translate the Tang dynasty Li Po poem  “Immortal’s Palm Tea” that was published April 19th, 2011 in the on-line tea journal or blogstop “Chadao” created and edited by “Corax” or John T. Kirby.  It may later be published in Tea A Magazine as well as my next book.

     I engage with Roy Fong to get his “Great Teas of China” reviewed nationally and agree to help him revise and republish it possibly with the help of Pearl Dexter at Tea A Magazine.  April, 2011. 


     Begin construction on a web site for Jade Mountain Tea and continue to work on second tea book.

     Valentine’s weekend:  Second tea tasting and lecture at Christa Obuchowski’s Aromabotanica Studio, Upper Canyon Road, Santa Fe.   The focus was White teas.

     Lecture “Tea As an Ally Plant” at the Rocky Moutain Tea Festival, Boulder Dushanbe Tea House.  Sunday, July 29th.


     Sign a contract with a Chinese publishing house, Shangdong, to print 4000 copies of my book in Mandarin.  

     “China Tea as an Ally Plant, Entheogen and Therapuetic Vehicle: The Mystical Aspects of Tea.”  Two lectures and presentations sponsered by the Eco-Psychology Department at Southwestern College.  Santa Fe, NM.  October 28.


     “China Tea as an Ally Plant, Entheogen and Therapuetic Vehicle: The Mystical Aspects of Tea.”  Lecture and presentaion given at a private residence in Silver City, NM.  January 27.

     “Tea as Plant Spirit Medicine”  A lecture at the San Francisco International Tea Festival.  The Ferry Building.  March 10.

     “Yunnan Teas” a tea tasting giving at San Francisco’s International Tea Festival.  March 10.

     “China Tea as Plant Spirit Medicine” at Christa Obuchowski’s Aromabotanica Studio, Upper Canyon Road, Santa Fe.  March 10.


     “Tea Fried Brain:  Notes From Saint Camellia’s Church of the First Infusion” published, April 16th.

     Tea lecture, presentation and tasting at a private residence, May 3, Santa Fe, NM

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