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Gilded Lily

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ITSS Member Value: TBD
Member Since:: 2017
Phone #: (816) 510-2182
612 East 135th Street, KCMO, MO, United States, USA 64145

A charmante vintage and boutique destination specializing in making your life beautiful.

"French-Inspired with Vintage Roots"

-SIMPLYkc Magazine


The Idea

Our name stems from the very ideal that beauty can be found in every item for every occasion, whether it is fundamental or just for fun.

"Gilding the Lily" is based on the concept that even though one may not find a detail pertinent to their life, that detail still helps make their life beautiful in a special way. Thus, Gilded Lily specializes in making one's life beautiful by providing details to do so.

Style & Quality

Gilded Lily only represents items of great value and remarkable quality. Pieces in the store range from new and unused condition, to items and curios found within the vintage and antique market.

We work close with our proprietors, near and far, to guarantee our shoppers with specialization, uniqueness, and exclusivity.

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