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ITCC – International Tea Cuppers Club

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Website: Tea Cuppers
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Member Since:: 2015
Phone #: (630) 886-8060

ITCC is a world-wide tea community of people who share a passion not only for the finest teas but also for contributing to the refinement and evolution of the tea industry. Tea lovers, manufacturers, organizations, industry leaders, professionals, dealers, educators and consumers  from around the globe, engage one another directly through innovative Cupping Events, Member Hosted Events, the Community Board and the ITCC newsletter. ITCC members have access to an extensive range of select, premium teas directly from the key production centers of the world, often in advance of them reaching foreign markets. Benefiting from their diverse origins and experience levels, Cuppers evaluate teas and provide feedback and valuable comments to producers and suppliers, influencing production and trends.


Memeber Benfits

Members of the ITCC come from all levels of tea and from cultures around the world. The ITCC provides a forum by which all members may engage one another for the betterment of their own tea knowledge and the elevation of tea industry in general. These goals are accomplished in several unique and innovative ways.

1.   Members gain access to the full International Tea Cuppers website and Community Board.
2.   Members have the ability to interact with other members and post comments on the Community Board and submit content for the ITCC newsletter.
3.   Members are availed access to and preferential pricing on dozens of the world’s most premier teas often within weeks of production.
4.   Members may register to participate in Cupping Events which examine typically eight to ten samples of premium teas, record their comments and provide feedback to the tea producers and the membership at large.
5.   Members have access to the tasting notes, comments and results of Cupping Events including extremely detailed information on each tea including its source, production procedures, volume statistics, estate elevation, bush cultivar, clonal or not, bush age, pick date, factory history, what section of the garden, fertilizer/chemicals and treatment schedule, pruning schedule, etc.
6.    After Cupping Events are concluded, the top three teas will become available for purchase to all members at discounted rate, directly from ITCC. Quantities larger than 1 kg may be ordered directly from the source or supplier.
7.    Members can view results of past Cupping Events and sample reviews.
8.    Members gain direct access to suppliers, sponsors, orgainzations and consumers.
9.    Members may purchase official Tea Cupper equipment, supplies and receive special offers.
10. Members may access the list of members.
11.  Members may view tea garden and supplier feedback from Cupping Event evaluations.
12.  Tea gardens may post news, production releases and information such as first date of picking, weather conditions, expected market influences for all members on the Community Board.

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