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Jacqueline’s Teas

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Member Since:: September, 2018

Jacqueline’s Teas is an online mother-daughter-run subscription tea service with over 80 varieties of loose-leaf artisan teas sustainably sourced from around the world and delivered each month to your door.

Jacqueline's Teas Subscription

The tastes of Jacqueline's Tea Room delivered to your home. We've carefully curated these boxes with recipes that complement the flavor of Jacqueline's most popular teas. Enjoy rich, dark teas in the colder months paired with hearty soup and dessert recipes. In the warmer months you'll find lighter, fruitier teas at your doorstep paired with delectable finger sandwiches and sorbet recipes. We even reveal Jacqueline's celebrated scone recipe!

Try out this subscription month-to-month for $27, save 17% with a 6-month subscription for $23/month, or save 35% with a year-long subscription for $20/month.

The May Mother's Day Box

I fell in love with the British tea tradition after celebrating my daughter Barbara's 8th birthday over Afternoon Tea with my mother and grandmother. I fantasized of one day starting a Tea Room with my daughter. A couple years later I found myself a single parent and decided it was now or never to begin my dream. Jacqueline's Tea Room opened in 2005 in our pink-doored home on Main Street in Freeport, Maine. For the 13 years I was open, Barbara worked there with me: washing teapots after elementary school, waitressing on the weekends in high school, and helping me grow my business while visiting from college. When I retired from running the Tea Room in July 2018, Barbara decided to make my initial dream come true - running the business together. Only, she's added her own unique vision and flair. As we transition from Jacqueline's Tea Room to Jacqueline's Teas, I thank you very much for being a part of our journey.
(Founder of Jacqueline’s Tea Room, Director of Jacqueline’s Teas)
At age 12 I watched in awe as my mom built what would become our home for the rest of my childhood and a sanctuary for so many others. Mom laid the large pine floors by hand, sewed every floral seat cushion to the wrought iron chairs, strung chandeliers from the ceiling, and hand-picked all the tea cups and saucers. Jacqueline's Tea Room was a magical place where time stood still and loved ones listened to each other’s stories over delicious tea. I served tea to guests who became part of my extended family - ladies who gave me advice, told me about their lives, and tipped me extra when I accidentally broke a tea cup or poured tea on their laps. As soon as the last customer left, Mom and I would take off our aprons and shoes, prop up our tired feet, and it would be our turn to swap stories. I hope you'll help us continue the story of Jacqueline’s Tea Room by making new memories over tea in your home.
(Daughter of Jacqueline, Owner of Jacqueline’s Teas)
Four Generations of Tea circa 2001. 
Great-grandmother Charlotte, Grandma Carla, Jacqueline, and Barbara.
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