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US League of Tea Growers

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Member Since:: 2015


The United States League of Tea Growers strives to connect the increasing number of US tea growers while collaboratively sharing resources, research and information regarding.   By working together, we hope to achieve:

  • Plant husbandry knowledge
  • Development of “best  practices” know how
  • Development of appropriate automation
  • Product and process innovation
  • Research trials of US conditions
  • Gain/Create access to cultivars specific to US requirements
  • Promotion of US grown teas
  • Development/Promotion of agri-tourism

We encourage you to be a part of our information sharing efforts and welcome your feedback and questions!

Executive Committee

President: Tygh Walters (Piedmont Tea) –

Secretary: Mark Adams (Adams Tea Shop) –

Treasurer: Janice Adams (Adams Tea Shop) –

Membership Coordinator: Victoria Gonzalez (Victorianna’s Teas, Cups, & Things) –

Media Coordinator: Rie Tulali (Tealet) –

Pacific Coast Director: Naomi Rosen (Joy’s Teaspoon) –

Gulf Coast Director: Bob Sims (Andalusia Tea) –

East Coast Director: Debbie Odom (Tsubaki Camellias) –

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