ITSS Tea Business Webinar Replay 102. Recorded June 20, 2019


Marketing The Health Message of Tea 

An Overview


1st a series of Tea & Health presentations created for ITSS Business Members 

25 minute video presentation 

This overview is the first in a series of presentations created to help Tea Sipper Society Business Members choose how much and where to best use the current scientific research in their marketing plan. Babette Donaldson, author of The Everything Healthy Tea Book, touches on some of the basics as she launches a series of more in-depth discussions. Originally written for the World Tea Expo Bootcamp, Babette has presented her tea and health talks for four years, honing them to what she feels is most important and most useful.

B2B Presentation Series: 

How To Create Your Own Tea 101

Customize a presentation that meets the needs of your customers and your business. 

Marketing Tea & Health: An Overview

First in a series of presentations to help tea business owners decide how to use health in marketing.

How to "Be More Tea" to Sell More Tea

This is a newly recorded version of a popular presentation originally created for World Tea Expo and first presented in 2016. 

Marketing Tea & Health: 25 Terrific Tips

Second in the series, we drill down on specific ways in which health can be used to promote tea sales. 

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