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Publishing Articles With ITSS

What do you have to say about tea?

What do you have to say about tea?

The bridge that ITSS wants to build between tea drinkers and the tea professionals is founded on an extensive and growing volume of content that educates, inspires, entertains and connects our member network. Opportunities to publish your work also increase visibility for you personally and/or your business. With the need and desire to be adding new items to the website regularly, we are looking forward to forming ongoing relationship with a diverse creative team. New content may be selected for each newsletter. Other content will be uploaded for the website only – but featured for every member to access. (We’re planning for thousands, from all around the world!)

While much of our startup library has been generously donated, one important part of the ITSS budget is purchasing quality content and promoting it to the widest possible audience. Request submission guidelines.

Consider publishing articles as advertising. 

Include links to your business and an “About Me” paragraph.

The tea industry isn’t the “publish or perish” environment of academia, but publishing articles and other content on the ITSS website and in the newsletter can increase recognition of your professionalism in the eyes of other tea lovers as well as the media we invite to visit our community. Our members enjoy tea drinking with such diverse preferences that your article does not need to be complex or studious. Consider humor, menu planning, little-known details of history, personal experience, recipes or book reviews. Content format can include text, images and video.

We are currently seeking articles to fill content in the following areas:

Essentials of Tea: For Beginner to Advanced Sippers

The beauty and fun of brewing whole tea leaves.

The beauty and fun of brewing whole tea leaves.

The world of tea is a vast tapestry, richly colored with history and culture and this is probably one of the most seductive information for those new to tea. In addition, tea growing, production and distribution are fascinating and important to understanding how to select good tea value. Business members can share experience and academic expertise with members to educate them in the deep value of increasing their tea lifestyle. As you become familiar with the entire site, look for areas of your expertise that have not been fully developed. Submit a short query email and writing sample or complete article. (ITSS Business Members Only)

Fun With Tea

Complied by Babette Donaldson

Fun With Tea

Fun With Tea is designed for our Junior Sippers and the adults who want to share the love of tea with them. But the content is not limited to children. Consider the playful child in all of us!

Let’s show that tea drinking doesn’t have to be the stuffy past time of snobs. It should be fun for all ages.

  • Tea humor. Have a good joke, cartoon or short story?
  • Photos of FWT projects and stories of how you customized the instructions.
  • Songs, games, wordplay
  • And More!

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From the "Month of Tea 2015" celebration of brewing.

From the “Month of Tea 2015” celebration of brewing.

How-To Articles

There are probably thousands of ways to explore the How-To aspect of sharing tea. From simple brewing to complex ceremonies. You don’t have to be an expert so share unique perspectives and some valuable tips and tricks of the trade. As you browse the starting lineup of content we’re including in the Tea Sipper Library, jot a few notes of how you would like to contribute.

ITSS will constantly be adding new articles and information of interest to members in all categories. To be sure, we are most interested in building the most diverse tea resource possible. Write about types of tea, brewing tips, storage, cooking with tea or hosting parties. What about fundraisers and festivals?

Got any new ideas? Dig up a tidbit from the past?

Request Submission Guidelines

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Tea Tourism

A few possibilities in this category, one that we are certain will be a popular section of the site.

  • Create a tea tour guide for your local area.   (See sample guide)   Include the best known tea venues as well as some hidden secrets and perhaps some experiences that “pair” well with tea.
  • Share personal experiences of travel to countries of origin and other tea cultures.
  • Offer suggestions for traveling, both domestically and internationally, with a focus on tea. What makes it more interesting and satisfying.


Library of Tea BooksBook Reviews

ITSS would like to host reviews of tea books for all ages and areas of interest. As a tea professional, your opinion is of great value to our members and to the authors and publishers. Reviews can be written as an objective evaluation or with a more personal tone.

Authors are invited to share sample chapters to promote their work and further tea education for all.

More topics for your articles:

  • Tea Tours of  Your Town:  How would you entertain a tea lover? Include tea shops, tea lounges, tea spas and tearooms. Do you have a Japanese garden that serves tea? Or antique shops specializing in vintage tea ware? Or a hotel that celebrates afternoon tea? Is there a tea grower in your neighborhood? (International)
  • Tea History: Do you have a favorite tale in the 5000 year history of tea that inspired your passion for the beverage or the lifestyle? Our members will be interested in everything from the history and practices of Tasseography to little known details of tea practices in Tibet.
  • Tea & Health: If you’re studying a particular area of medical research, why not present the results of several recent projects by reputable scientists and compare their findings. Then summarize what this means to those of us who imbibe.
  • Tea With Children: How are you entertaining children with tea?
  • Tea Humor: Know any good tea jokes?
  • Rare And Unusual Teas: Every tea has a story and it’s one of the things that deepens the relationship. Tea enthusiasts are almost always looking for a new experience, a new flavor or a new leaf.
  • Tea Art: The history of tea is also bonded with the history of tea teaware, the architecture and decor of tearooms.
  • Tea Culture: In cultures around the world, tea is more than a beverage.
  • Tea Party Themes and Menus: Share your latest success story for both traditional and unusual themes.
  • Cooking With Tea: Recipes that feature tea as a primary ingredient.