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ITSS Publishing: Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines:

Thank you for your interest in International Tea Sippers

We’re looking for tea enthusiasts, professional and non-pro, join our tea writers group. But, before you send your query to us, please take the time to look at the guidelines below.

Thank you again for your interest.

  1. As a general rule, we only accept articles from current members – both Standard Tea Sippers and Business Sipper Members. On the other hand, publishing content to our website library is one way to gain membership.
  2. Before you query us, please familiarize yourself with our current content using the search feature and check our upcoming editorial calendar for Tea Sipper News.
  3. When querying us, please send a one-page (250 – 500 word) email detailing the topic you’d like to address as well as your background for writing the story. Mention the kinds of sources you intend to use for research if it is a technical or academic topic. It’s unnecessary to send a completed manuscript for your initial query but you may want to attach a writing sample or refer to other published articles.
  4. Every article needs to have at least one image – but single articles usually have 3-5. Images should be good quality and should meet Internet specifications.
  5. All submissions will be reviewed by our editorial staff for accuracy and authenticity.
  6. Submissions can be adaptations of other articles – following a core premise and using the same research – but not cutting and pasting large blocks of the same text unless credit for the original article and/or image is properly assigned.
  7. It may take about four to six weeks for us to reply, so please be patient.