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What's Healthy About Tea? - Camellia sinensis, True Tea

Rewriting the book, "The Everything Healthy Tea Book"

This whimsical holiday teapot image inspired a humorous thought of being able to leave the real world behind for a short respite. Can it remind us to take advantage of one of the lesser researched health benefits of a tea lifestyle? The daily tea time-out. Many of us know that developing a regular practice of taking tea breaks makes a huge difference in managing the stress of a busy life. This is especially true during this season! 

The question I’m most frequently asked about the health benefits of tea is, What is the healthiest tea? The question I wish more readers would ask is, What is the healthiest way to drink tea? But taken together, tea becomes a powerful tool for our well-being. Every tea that inspires us to steep another cup or glass and to share that with family and friends in a meaningful and memorable is, to my way of thinking, the healthiest tea. This may not be scientifically measurable. But consider putting  your tea to a personal test during this last month of the year. 

Invite someone to share a favorite tea. Bring them into the sensory experience and peacefulness that you find in your tea practice. Add a special touch or two. And then take note of how it makes you feel. 

Happy Holidays to you and all your family and friends from
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Our holiday gift to you is a download of this tea-loving Santa coloring page. 

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