Cancer Hates Tea:

A Unique Preventive and Transformative Lifestyle Change to Help Crush Cancer

by Maria Uspenski

With a tactical assertiveness, Maria Uspenski, tea professional and author of Cancer Hates Tea, takes careful aim at one of the most terrifying diseases of modern times and fuels her attach with the ancient wisdom of Camellia sinensis. Thousands of years of healing history supported by decades of modern medical research are the basis of her campaign.

Far from the mild-mannered voice that so many assume of tea drinkers, Uspenski voices determination that the human body has resources to strike back against attacks on the immune system and builds her case on a comfortable and easy-to-understand science. But she serves it up with the luxuriousness and accessibility of the classic beverage. A good read and a valuable resource in ever tea lover’s library.

Blogger Review: Life Is Better With Tea 

Tea is having its day. But so is cancer. “Cancer Hates Tea” is a cross section of the two. The book synergizes two complete opposites – wellness versus illness, in a detailed and experienced language any non-medical person can understand.

Uspenski helps the reader understand the biology of the human body at the cellular level and how cancer effects it. She explains the healing power of tea, backed by 5,000 scientific studies, leaving the reader with a feeling of control over their own wellness. The book inspires the reader to overhaul old beverage habits.

  • – by Mary Ann Rollano

Editorial Reviews

Cancer Hates Tea is an original approach to an unsettling subject. Using her inquiring mind and resolute spirit, Maria has constructed a resource that is both personal to her and relevant for all. In her unique position as a tea professional and cancer survivor, Maria shares her love of tea, its inherent benefits and makes a convincing appeal to get on board!”

―Linda Gaylard, Tea Sommelier and author of The Tea Book 

“In Cancer Hates Tea, Maria Uspenski manages to take a complicated subject and turn it into a compelling call-to-action. As the son of two parents fallen to cancer, I appreciate how Maria’s book can help people understand how tea can contribute to better wellness.”

―Jay Coen Gilbert, Co-founder of B Lab 

Cancer Hates Tea is a must-have if you’re ready to take control of your health. In a light hearted way, Maria takes a complex topic and puts it into an easy-to-understand format so you can apply it to your healing journey, starting today.”

―Jo Schaalman and Jules Peláez, Co-founders of the Conscious Cleanse and authors of the best-selling book The Conscious Cleanse