Devonshire Scream by Laura Childs


One of the most successful tea-themed series of popular fiction is “The Tea Shop Mysteries” written by Laura Childs. Devonshire Scream, published in 2016 is #17 in the eighteen-book collection that began with Death By Darjeeling first published in 2001. Childs skillfully creates the warm, welcoming environment of The Indigo Tea Room in the colorful city of Charleston, South Carolina and populates it with the engaging cast of characters led by the main Tea-Lady, Theodosia Browning. Each book in the developing series is grounded in a comfortable format that satisfies for the quick read adventure that tickles the soul of the afternoon tea lover. 

This isn’t a book about tea per-se – but tea lovers do savor the tea tidbits that help flavor the narrative. And there are some juicy recipes included for those who want to replicate the tearoom atmosphere. 

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Podcast Interview with Laura Childs:

Laura Childs, Author of The Tea Shop Mysteries


Publishers Weekly

Childs’s 17th Tea Shop mystery (after 2015’s Ming Tea Murder) starts off with a bang—or rather, a crash. Theodosia Browning, intrepid owner of the Indigo Tea Shop in Charleston, S.C., is catering a glittering show of gems and jewels hosted by her friend Brooke Carter Crockett, owner of Heart’s Desire Fine Jewelry. The elegant affair is proceeding apace when a truck smashes through the shop’s front window and a gang of jewel thieves leaps out to commit a smash-and-grab robbery of gems worth millions. The theft only takes two minutes, but the brutal invasion robs Brooke of more than jewels: a shard of glass from the shattered window kills her 20-year-old niece, Kaitlin Crockett. When Brooke asks Theodosia to help find Kaitlin’s killers, Theodosia comes up with a bold plan to lure the thieves with a fabulous brooch. A charming cast of characters, a cultivated and genteel setting, plenty of tea and scones, a plausible slate of suspects, and an exciting climatic chase in designer clothes and jewels all add up to another enjoyable outing with Theodosia and friends. (Mar.)

Book Reviewer – Lisa K’s Book Thoughts

Laura Childs has bagged me again with this fantastic mystery steeped full of action and intrigue!  Talk about a book starting off with a bang. DEVONSHIRE SCREAM had me gasping in shock only a few pages in. Seriously, I sat up straighter in my chair, and remember saying out loud, “No way!”  DEVONSHIRE SCREAM takes the reader through a jewel hyst and murder, and carries us through as investigation brewing with ever increasing questions, all leading to an intense conclusion that left me absolutely breathless! Book after book, author Laura Childs continues to write brilliant stories in this delightful series. Each new story is fresh, entertaining, and fun. Returning fans, and new readers of the Tea Shop mysteries are in for a wonderful treat with this latest installment.

Cozy Mystery Book Reviews:  Missy S

This was the first book of Laura Child’s that I have had the pleasure of reading.  I am now a fan and look forward to reading more of her books !!  Even though this was the first book that I read in the Tea Shop Mystery series, it could have been the first in a series.  Devonshire Scream is the 17th book in the series and I was skeptical about reading it this far into the series.  But once I started reading it, I realized that I was wrong to think that. Theodosia owns the Indigo Tea Shop which even if you are not a tea drinker they will find a tea you will like !  Haley and Drayton work at the Tea Shop and they are most adorable !!  Not to mention all of the people and friends that visit the shop and attend the special tea parties !!  I loved the way that Child’s describes it all so that you feel that you are right there in the room.  I had the pleasure of attending a Mother’s Day Tea years ago and it was nothing like one of Theo’s Teas.But tea isn’t the only thing brewing in Devonshire Scream.  While attending a Jewelry Extravaganza at her friend Brooke’s store, Heart’s Desire, a smash and grab occurs.  A vehicle crashes into the store where a group of theives grab all of the jewelry in a matter of minutes leaving behind injured patrons, broken glass every where and Brooke’s niece dead with a piece of glass in her neck.

While Brooke deals with the loss of her niece and store, Theo with the reluctant help of Drayton deal with trying to solve the case.  Although Theo has a nice list of suspects who she feels could have been a part of the “gang” of theives, you will be SHOCKED when the leader of the group is captured ! !  Who will solve the case first ?  Theo and Drayton, local Detective Tidwell, or the FBI’s agents that were brought into town ??  I look forward to reading more books by Child’s and hope you do also ! ! !