Modern Tea, A Fresh Look At An Ancient Beverage

Modern Tea, A Fresh Look at an Ancient Beverage

Written by Lisa Boalt Richardson             Photos by Jenifer Altman

With the volumes of cultural history and practices, Lisa Boalt Richardson has accomplished a feat – consolidating a vast amount of practical information in such an easy-to-manage but pleasure to read tome. Anything but a “tea snob” Richardson lays out a practical exploration of what tea has been for thousands of years and what it can be for us and future generations.

Lisa Boalt Richardson


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“Exquisite guide to exploring tea’s history, essential terms and definitions, and focuses on a deeper appreciation of tea in many ways” 

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It’s a beverage, a commodity, a ceremony, a meal, a spiritual encounter, a connector of people, a drink of peace, a pick-me-up, a comforter, and a way of life for many. As tea continues to rise in popularity, this comprehensive guide explores the celebrated beverage through the eyes of a certified tea specialist. From its sometimes murky origins to today’s wide range of tea ceremonies, Lisa Boalt Richardson delves into the world of tea to create a fresh and accessible package for tea rookies and gurus alike. With tips for shopping, storing, steeping, and tasting, plus advice for using tea in pairings, cooking, cocktails, and home health remedies, this fascinating read is everyone’s cup of tea.

Goodreads Reviewer –  Debra Hale-Shelton

Richardson’s book provides basic information about the six classes of tea with more information about subtypes and makes some source recommendations. The author also dispels some myths about tea and its caffeine content and its health attributes. Yes, tea often has caffeine; yes, tea can be healthy. But the details aren’t as cut-and-dried as many of us may think. I read her book on Kindle and wish I’d read it in paper because of the pictures. They did not translate well at all to Kindle. Otherwise, I enjoyed the book and am happy I read it. I probably highlighted more information in this book for future reference than I have any other.

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Lisa Boalt Richardson

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