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Hillary Rodham Clinton Sips at Red Blossom

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

It’s rare that we catch a glimpse of celebrities enjoying fine tea, but in an unannounced visit, Hillary Rodham Clinton joined S.F. Mayor Ed Lee for a tasting flight at one of the most well-known and respected tea shops, Red Blossom, in the heart of Chinatown, in the U.S. Bay Area media captured the event:


A video by the local San Francisco ABC affiliate, reported by Vic Lee:


The San Francisco Chronicle’s columnist, Leah Garchik also noted:

Tea house proprietor Alice Luong had met the mayor a couple of times, but didn’t know until five minutes before he arrived that he’d be having tea there. “I really thought it was just the mayor coming to visit merchants in Chinatown, which he often does. We see him walking around.” When Clinton arrived, “we were pretty ecstatic. … I explained to Madam Secretary that this is how we brew tea, and when we were doing the tasting, she asked quite a lot of questions” about water temperature and tea varieties. “I assume she is a tea drinker,” Luong said.

Lee’s assistant paid for the Tasting Flight consumed by the mayor and the candidate, and “Madam Secretary’s staff” bought some teas to take away. “I think Madam Secretary prefers a stronger, darker tea. We brewed a cup for her to take into the car.”

NY Daily News added a sipping close-up:


Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, left, and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, center, sample tea from Alice Luong at Red Blossom Tea Company in Chinatown in San Francisco last week.     (Photo by JEFF CHIU/AP)