Month of Tea Brewing 2017  

Day #3

Three Very Different Kinds of Tea: 

Kukicha, Chado Mauritius & Royal Tea British Breakfast Blend


Three Teas: Ito En Kukicha, Chado Mauritius, Tea Royalty Devonshire Grey

Today’s tea selections demonstrate a diverse selection of tea. There is the extremely fine cut of the Mauritius by Chado Tea, to a Kukicha (Twig Tea) from Ito En to a favorite black tea blend – Earl Grey – by Royal Tea. The selection itself speaks to the kind of diversity available – all in the name of “Tea”. Each kind of tea gives a unique experience and can benefit from being brewed at different temperatures, for different times. This may be one of the real benefits for the individual infusers – “fobs”. No need to select a single tea for your gathering or even for yourself. Brew each cup individually.

One of my personal missions with all my work in tea is to make it more fun. In doing so, I truly believe that we make the sharing of this remarkable beverage more meaningful. It becomes easier to break down cultural divides and bridge the generations. We can all sit down together for a cup of tea and understand that – no matter what is served – tea can always be paired with conversation.

The tea selections today are all favorites – but for very different reasons. Kukicha is one of the most forgiving green teas I’ve ever enjoyed. It seems to be sweet and flavorful no matter how it is brewed. Mauritius has a sweet, vanilla flavor that always satisfies my desire for a morning wake-up tea. And a quality Earl Grey blend is most certainly one of the teas that I alway keep in stock for guests.

Having a collection of fobs has always seemed like a good investment for my collection of tea tools!

Happy Sipping  . . .  Babette

Individual Tea Infusers

Individual cup tea infusers

From antique silver collectibles to whimsical animal characters, Tea Sippers of all ages and leaf preferences can enjoy the fun of dunking a “fob” into their own teacups to customize their brew. Each guest at your table can select their flavor and brew to the strength they prefer. Be sure to check out our Pinterest Board for Tea Infusers to enjoy the huge variety that you can use to “infuse” something special in your next tea event.

As we try to turn children’s desire away from canned, sugary sodas, these little gadgets – along with some naturally sweet teas – might make the old sodas seem boring.

The mid-19th century saw the widespread acceptance of the tea ball, which at that time was part aesthetic, part utensil. As most were made of ornate silver, these pieces were considered to be decorative essentials as much as they were workhorse gadgets.

TeaTime Magazine, “Tea Infusers”, September 18, 2014

Amy Cates

Author, TeaTime Magazine


Spiced Kukicha Tea

  • 1 teaspoon Kukicha tea
  • 1/2 teaspoon whole coriander
  • 3-4 whole cardamom pods
  • pinch dried rose petals
  1. Grind the cardamom pods and coriander seeds together and fill a vessel with the kukicha and the herbs. Pour over water just under the boiling point and let steep a good 4 minutes. Strain the herbs and add a bit of ginger (or regular) honey and a splash of cream if desired. Enjoy!

This wonderful tea recipe comes to us from the blog, Artemis Herbals. Check it out for more great tea info and recipes.