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Peter Christy

as this new year begins …
I am pledging to consume less.

to boycott the sponsors of the psychological warfare that compels us to vanquish the earth in exchange for tchotchkes and status

to simplify my life

to appreciate the all in a just sip of hot tea

and to find contentment in small things

Peter Christy is the owner of Far Leaves Tea in Berkeley, California.

Far Leaves Tea was born in 1998 in Berkeley, CA with the belief that the process of making tea is an embodiment of mindful living.  Our co-founders Peter and Donna, who met and fell in love, literally, over a cup of Dong Ding Oolong, wanted to introduce premium loose leaf tea to the tea-bag-drinking-US and, even more importantly, a mindful lifestyle that is inspired by tea.  Donna has been making annual trips overseas to tea farms since 1998, in search of single-origin handcrafted teas and teaware from thoughtful people.
Our Mission: To foster mindfulness by making the practice of tea accessible to all.
Our Philosophy: Anyone and everyone can be a tea master.  We encourage everyone to enjoy tea in your own way and to define your own tea rituals.