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Publisher, Blue Gate Books

ISBN: 978-0-9792612-6-8

8.5 x 11″

20-page Booklet


What Is Family Tea Time?

Tea is a plant. Tea is a beverage. Tea is the time of day you decide to take a break with a ‘cuppa’. In many countries around the world, taking tea is an important part of family life. Ancient customs are kept as they have been for generations. As different as tea traditions may be around the world, there are common elements.

We create a setting for conversation and relaxation. We behave with respect and courtesy. We listen. We pay attention to the small details. In so doing, everyone who joins us at the table feels important. We can make it easy. We make it fun. In doing so, we make it memorable.

We turn of the TV, abandon the electronics, don’t answer phones and shift our focus to the people in our lives. Small talk is critical. Laughter sweets in the cup. For a few minutes we put aside our worries and share a bit of joy.

As I write this, I imagine being able to share tea with each of you. Not in the same physical room, perhaps, but by offering this little booklet as the beginning of a conversation. Take time to brew a favorite and let these offerings inspire a special time with your family.

Your friend in tea,
Babette Donaldson
Author, The Emma Lea Books

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