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Tea on TV: I’ll Have What Phil’s Having

Tea on TV

PBS Series: 

“I’ll Have What Phil’s Having” 

Episode 4: Hong Kong

Join Phil on a culinary journey to Hong Kong, where Phil dines on the city’s best dim sum, gets a lesson in the art of tai chi, and bravely tries a century old egg.

In addition to the dim sum, old egg and tai chi, Phil learns a bit about tea from tea master, Ip Winghci in the LockCha Tea House.

You can watch the entire episode on PBS TV watching for the segment in the Lock Cha Tea house with Ip Wingchi starting at 33:30.

Or view the excerpt on YouTube version we’ve linked to on the right.



Learn more about the LockCha Tea House on their website:

Ground Floor, The K.S. Lo Gallery,

Hong Kong Park, Hong Kong
+852 2801 7177




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This page developed with content originally produced by PBS Television and published excerpt on YouTube.