Tea Clubs and Tea Associations

Gain insight into the vast world of tea by browsing international tea clubs and tea associations.

Tea Clubs

International Tea Cuppers Club

ITCC is a world-wide tea community of people who share a passion not only for the finest teas but also for contributing to the refinement and evolution of the tea industry. Tea lovers, manufacturers, organizations, industry leaders, professionals, dealers, educators and consumers  from around the globe, engage one another directly through innovative Cupping Events, Member Hosted Events, the Community Board and the ITCC newsletter. ITCC members have access to an extensive range of select, premium teas directly from the key production centers of the world, often in advance of them reaching foreign markets. Benefiting from their diverse origins and experience levels, Cuppers evaluate teas and provide feedback and valuable comments to producers and suppliers, influencing production and trends.

American Specialty Tea Alliance

The American Specialty Tea Alliance is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association. We are highly involved, active and tangibly accessible to our membership. Our member base is made up of specialty tea business owners, tea professionals, and tea consultants. Very simply, we want you to become a part of our community today and together, we can build this future. Tea consumption in the United States continues to rise, yet growth within our sector for quality jobs, as well as opportunity to utilize tea specialists, is stalling. Without meaningful resources, small businesses are at risk of becoming unsupported islands. Our industry, now more than ever, needs collaboration and transparency to bring current and incoming generations into a supportive, forward-thinking era.

The U.S. League of Tea Growers

The United States League of Tea Growers strives to connect the increasing number of US tea growers while collaboratively sharing resources, research and information regarding growing tea (Camellia sinensis) in the USA. By working together, we hope to achieve:

  • Plant husbandry knowledge
  • Development of “best  practices” know how
  • Development of appropriate automation
  • Product and process innovation
  • Research trials of US conditions
  • Gain/Create access to cultivars specific to US requirements
  • Promotion of US grown teas
  • Development/Promotion of agri-tourism

We encourage you to be a part of our information sharing efforts and welcome your feedback and questions!


University of Southern Mississippi Tea Club

The purpose of the University of Southern Mississippi Tea Club is to develop bonds between members of the student body and faculty alike by providing a forum for intellectual discourse and a place to appreciate different varieties of tea from across the globe. The University of Southern Mississippi Tea Club strives to brew ideas and put them into action to leave the world a better place.

The University of Southern Mississippi Tea Club was founded by a group of friends with a love for tea.  We believe that we can bring like-minded students together and help impact the world in a positive manner.

International Tea Associations

Most Tea Associations offer wonderful insights and information on their websites. Browse these for more about tea grown in the different countries of origin. Learn more about tea history and culture. Ceremonies. Health. Get to know the people who grow, manufacture and sell your tea!

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