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It is a great pleasure to introduce Kulov to the Tea Sipper Community. He is certainly one of the tea people in the U.S. who ha contributed his time and talents to further tea education and interest in the worldwide culture of tea.

Kulov was born and raised in The Old Country – Holland. He was inspired to organize annual tea festivals as Valentine’s Day tea events as he did for his nieces in Holland a decade ago. Over the last ten years, the annual event has since grown into a public undertaking in the Los Angeles area, which celebrates and promotes tea through various cultural and educational activities such as workshops, lectures, tea ceremonies, art installations, and performances.

In this interview, Kulov tells the story of how tea inspires his work and creativity. While he does not consider himself a tea expert, he loves to combine his appreciation for exquisite teas with his marketing and programming expertise in order to create unique cultural tea experiences that both educate and delight the general public.

Tea Lovers Festival – The Book

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tea lovers festival - the book