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Completely rewriting the original, "The Everything Healthy Tea Book".

Dear Reader,

In 2013 I was commissioned by Adams Media to write a simple, straight-forward and affordable book with a focus on healthy tea. They wanted it to be written for the people who are new to tea and know very little beyond the major tea bag brands and what they see in the mass media. What an exciting challenge! So, in 2014 they first published The Everything Healthy Tea Book as part of their very popular series of “Everything” books. They recently made the decision to keep the book only as an E-Book (Kindle). No print version. No update to include the exciting new information about tea and health.

This inspired me to expand the theme for ITSS members with a completely new format. This Blog: What’s Healthy About Tea? A discussion rather than a lecture. Open to additional contributors Always growing and vibrant. And completely interactive. I look forward to posting responses to your specific questions and viewing your comments, personal views and shared stories. There are also many topics that were not published in The Everything Healthy Tea Book that we can freely include in our new version.



Links to published pages below.  View some of the upcoming titles.

  • The Value of Tea’s Healthy Lifestyle
  • Abundant Scientific Studies
  • Tea For Relaxation
  • Tea For Spiritual Practices
  • How Tea Brings People Together
  • Tea & Communication

I will add more than 300 articles over the next 12 months.

Thank you for your interest in 

What’s Healthy About Tea?

The Blog

What’s The Plan?

In regular posts, approximately 2 per week/8 per month, I will return to my original notes and update, expand and integrate new content that better reflects what we know about healthy tea. As James Norwood Pratt frequently says, “We are … and always will be … students of tea.”  In our individual lifetimes, we can never know everything that has been written and taught about tea. And every month there is new research that challenges and expands our understanding of the ancient wisdom.

All the posts in this series will be available to Subscribing Sipper Members. Selected posts each month will also be available to our Forever Free Members. An index of each article will be easy to find on the website. And our monthly newsletter will send reminders with convenient links to new content.


Will this blog, “What’s Healthy About Tea” become a new book?

Excellent question! That’s certainly under consideration at this time. Each post will be published with that potential in mind. But we will hold off on making that commitment until we have this new project underway and can know that it truly serves our members. Then, if a print version would be a valuable resource to our members, we will most certainly make that available.

What we hare from our tearooms and tea shops are that they like to have copies on hand for their customers to use in the shop and as easy references for their staff – even if they don’t keep it in stock as their own retail inventory. So, we would love for this update to fill those needs.

How do I submit my questions?

Using the form to the right will direct your questions and suggestions directly to me. Please allow at least 2 weeks for a reply. And, if you would prefer to be contacted by phone, include that in the body of your message.

What kind of suggestions would you like?

If you have ideas for content that was not previously included in the original Everything Healthy Tea Book, or ideas about how to improve navigation to individual articles, if you find typos or if something just isn’t clear, I would love to hear from you.

And we especially want to hear about what’s working.

What helps. What makes you smile. Please share your stories and thoughts.

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