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Tea Abides

By Lou Berkley

Of all the endeavors of Humankind throughout Time, many of our creations are ‘of their day’; the Printed page, the Airplane, the World Wide Web. All served as miracles of technology – but only for a time, then faded into the routine, and finally passing into obsolescence.

Each of these and many others were hailed as the spark that would diminish the distances between us, closing the gulfs between countries, coasts, and continents, to finally unite the Human Race in understanding and brotherhood. A World united in Peace.

And yet for all our technology, though we can easily call someone’s phone on the other side of the planet, we have less and less to say to each other, and the limitless potential for connection has not only left us feeling more lonely, but sadly has also obscured the value of being alone.

The path we travel grows ever more narrow, and our perspective on what lies ahead appears bleakly as nothing more than more of the same.

Not too late to avert crisis, the time has come for a paradigm shift in our perception, our thinking, and our awareness. It will come from solutions that have been patiently awaiting our return for millennia, yet our fresh rediscovery will prove the wisdom of an ancient adage; “No man ever steps into the same river twice, for it is not the same river, and he is not the same man.”

Our solution abides: “To remain, patiently – in loving acceptance”.

It abides in the places where we first received its gifts, from a past so far distant that it precedes any surviving record of that fabled meeting. Abides in its spread through fields and mountains in vastness that approaches omnipresence. And still, it abides today in forest enclaves so small and removed that perhaps only a single soul cherishes the endowment of its bounty.

We speak of Tea.

Humans have found a symbiosis with this single plant that stretches back more than a hundred generations; Tea has formed the Human Race every bit as much as we have formed Tea. Her aspects are innumerable, and long-ascended Masters in the craft have bequeathed her secrets; some remain in practice, others forever lost.

Through all, Tea has shepherded the Human understanding of mindfulness, acceptance, and the treasure of communion with another. With tea’s tranquil benediction, the Human Race has learned the benefits of Patience, the practice of Mastery, and that the Journey is more important than the Destination.

Our renewal can begin during the Month of Tea. In our collaboration with Tea Creators, Companies, and Consumers, we can build bridges of communication and inspire the creation of a Global meeting place, where tea, ideas, and joy are freely shared, and World Peace is the goal.

Our first shared cup is the product of an International collaboration: the Global Tea Blend is a blending of high quality green teas from every region of the World, crafted by tea professionals for just this purpose.

In our best times and our worst, Tea has been present to witness and, if sought – to attend. Through tea, we can reach across the World, extend the invitation of friendship, and perhaps, achieve World Peace – one cup at a time.

Let us engage our old Friend once again, and join in Peace.

Tea abides. Let us drink together.

Copyright: Lou Berkley, 2017

All rights reserved.


Lou Berkley

Lou Berkley writes about tea and history.
He lives in San Francisco.