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Now that we’re in the height of Tea Festival Season, it seemed like an excellent opportunity to look at how these experiences are inspiring some to pursue a new career. A career in Tea Land. In this Tea Sipper Podcast, Lou shares how a bit of curiosity led him to investigate but became smitten with the leaf. 


Lou comes to tea from a diverse work background – from foodservice to printing and publishing. And, not surprisingly, some of his experience has led him to delve into some interesting research and writing for tea lovers.  And soon after completing several different advanced tea certification courses, he found a niche for himself working with tea literature. A love of history and research are serving him well as he helps restore and update some rare tomes for publication in the near future.

But you’re also likely to see him at Tea Festivals like the one that first inspired his interest as well as trade shows like World Tea Expo. Even more likely, visiting another new tea shop or tearoom to continue his education and develop his relationships with more Tea People.

Lou Berkley