Dan Robertson

One of the most respected tea authorities around the world, Dan Robertson is frequently asked to judge professional tea competitions in tea producing countries like China, India and Sri Lanka. In addition to his 20+ years in the industry, this gives him a front row seat for innovation by tea growers. He shares his experience and personal relationships with growers, manufacturers and with the tea boards of some of the major countries of origin on his World Tea Tours excursions and intensive training tours.




World Tea Tours

Tours to major countries of origin – picking tea in the fields, walking through every step of processing from “field to cup”, even pressing your own tea cakes – are just the basics of a tea tour. Robertson stresses the importance of experiencing and understanding the culture that inspired unique differences in worldwide tea production. 


Dan Robertson; World Tea Tours, The Tea House, Robertson Teas, International Tea Cuppers Club

 Sipping freshly picked, roasted and steeped tea from a bamboo teacup in the forest near Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province, China.


International Tea Cuppers Club 

Tea lovers, both private sippers and professionals, learn more about how to evaluate the teas they drink when they develop cupping skills. ITCC tastings are Internet-based events but there are also live events at major tea fairs, festivals and trade shows like the annual Xiamen Tea Fair in Xiamen, China and the World Tea Expo in various cities of the U.S. 


Dan serves guests at the ITCC tasting event, Xiamen Tea Fair, Xiamen, China


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