Donna Fellman

Donna Fellman is Online Education Director of World Tea Academy. Donna’s experience managing tea houses, training staff, and tea procurement convinced her that the key to success was educating herself, her staff and her customers about tea. Since that time, she has focused her work on serving the tea industry’s needs by creating educational programs and classes, especially for the tea professional.

World Tea Academy

In 2003, Donna founded the Tea Education Alliance specializing in staff and management training.  She has authored numerous training manuals for well-known tea retailers and educational materials for other educational programs.  She studied chado for 12 years and co-authored Tea Here Now, (Inner Ocean Publishing, 2005) exploring tea as a way of life.   She also has an M.S. in Holistic Nutrition.

 Tea Here Now

Tea-Here-Now-Cover“Tea Here Now demonstrates how tea and the simple act of preparing a cup of tea can give drinkers a taste of enlightenment. Written for the average person who wishes to infuse accessible, uncomplicated spirituality and mindfulness into his or her tea drinking, the book explores the health benefits, spiritual practices, and lifestyle-enhancing properties associated with the world’s major blends, in the process creating a practical guidebook for the “tea lifestyle.” Topics include the little-known history and mythology of tea, health benefits, information on tea blends, tips and techniques for brewing the best cup, spiritual and meditation practices that complement and enhance tea drinking, practical ideas for carrying the spirit of tea into all aspects of one’s life (relationships, business, mental health, etc.), old and new rituals to bring meaning and enjoyment to tea drinking, food pairings for tea, and inspirational quotes.”

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