Laura Childs

Laura Childs is the New York Times bestselling author of 17 Tea Shop Mysteries, 13 Scrapbooking Mysteries, and 6 Cackleberry Club Mysteries.  Her most recent Tea Shop Mystery, Devonshire Scream, was just released.  

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Catering a high-class trunk show at Heart’s Desire Jewelry is a shining achievement for Theodosia and the Indigo Tea Shop. After all, a slew of jewelers, museums, and private collectors will be there to showcase their wares and sip some of Theo’s best blends. But just as Theo settles in to enjoy the fruits of her labor, the party is crashed by a gang of masked muggers who steal the precious gems and jewels on display. The thieves disappear almost as quickly as they arrived, leaving shattered glass, scattered gemstones, and a dead body in their wake.  

On July 5, Penguin Random House will release Little Girl Gone, the first book in her Afton Tangler Thriller Series written under her real name of Gerry Schmitt.

In the first Afton Tangler thriller, the unforgiving cold of a Minnesota winter hides the truth behind an even more chilling crime…
 On a frozen night in an affluent neighborhood of Minneapolis, a baby is abducted from her home after her teenage babysitter is violently assaulted. The parents are frantic, the police are baffled, and, with the perpetrator already in the wind, the trail is getting colder by the second.


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In her previous life she was CEO of her own marketing firm and authored several screenplays.  She is married to Dr. Bob, a professor of Chinese art history, enjoys travel, and has two Shar-Pei dogs.


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